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Healthy Prepped meals in Charleston

Meal prep in Charleston and surrounding areas 

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How does it work?


Set your preferences

Let us know  your allergies, and your preferences for your prepped meals.

We shop & cook 

We buy the best tasting ingredients for your meals and cook them to perfection!

We deliver

We bring them to your home, work site, or anywhere you want your meals delivered. Free for purchases over $250

Heat up & eat

Use your microwave or oven to heat up your meal and enjoy it!

We offer two types of orders for our customers: Pay per Meal and Chef's Choice. With Pay per Meal, our clients have full control over the meals they receive as they select each individual meal from the menu. On the other hand, Chef's Choice provides a less hands-off approach where we choose the meals for the client based on their dietary preferences, and is offered as a weekly reoccurring subscription. In this option, our customers provide information about their food restrictions and preferences, and we create a personalized meal plan for them. The weekly reoccurring subscription aspect of Chef's Choice provides our customers with a consistent and convenient source of healthy meals without having to worry about ordering every week. Both options offer a convenient and healthy solution for those who want to have meals ready without having to cook.

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