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Meal prep in Charleston and surrounding areas 

How does it work?

Cheat Eatz offers two types of orders for our customers: Pay per Meal and Chef's Choice. With Pay per Meal, our clients have full control over the meals they receive as they select each individual meal from the menu. On the other hand, Chef's Choice provides a less hands-off approach where we choose the meals for the client based on their dietary preferences, and is offered as a weekly reoccurring subscription. In this option, our customers provide information about their food restrictions and preferences, and we create a personalized meal plan for them. The weekly reoccurring subscription aspect of Chef's Choice provides our customers with a consistent and convenient source of healthy meals without having to worry about ordering every week. Both options offer a convenient and healthy solution for those who want to have meals ready without having to cook.

  • Starting at:

    5 meals

    Every week
    Extra Protein

Set your preferences

Let us know  your allergies, and your preferences for your prepped meals.

We shop & cook 

We buy the best tasting ingredients for your meals and cook them to perfection!

We deliver

We bring them to your home, work site, or anywhere you want your meals delivered. Free for purchases over $250

Heat up & eat

Use your microwave or oven to heat up your meal and enjoy it!

  • How can I order?
    All orders must be in by Thursday to be delivered or picked up on Saturdays. You can order single meals or you can sign up for membership. If you have a Chef's Choice subscription, your meals will chosen by our chefs and be ready every Sunday until you cancel.
  • How big are your meals?
    We offer several options for our customers. Weight management = 12 oz Everyday meals = 15 oz Gym meals = 19 oz Bulk meals = 2lbs
  • Can I customize my meal to satisfy my dietary preferences?
    Whether you’re paleo, vegetarian, keto, or anything else, you’ll always have some options to work with. If you have very specific dietary preferences, let us know!
  • Where do you deliver?
    We deliver to Mount Pleasant, Downtown, IOP & Sullivan's Island, Daniel Island, North Charleston, West Ashley, James Island, Summerville, Ladson. and Goose Creek. Delivery fees: $25 (FREE FOR ALL OUR SUBSCRIPTION MEMBERS)
  • Do you air seal the meals?
    For an additional $1 per meal, we can air seal your food! Air sealing meal prep is an effective way to maintain the freshness of the food. It prevents oxidation and helps slow down the growth of bacteria. Air sealing meals allow you to you keep your meals in the fridge longer. Additionally, it also can prevent freezer burn if you decide to freeze your meals for later.
  • How does pick up work?
    Pick up is at 3316 Ashley Phosphate Rd Suite 4, North Charleston, SC 29418. Saturdays after 5 pm.
  • Where are your meals prepared?
    Our commercial kitchen in North Charleston, SC 3316 Ashley Phosphate Rd Suite 4, North Charleston, SC 29418
  • How do I store my meals?
    Store your meals in a fridge or a freezer. If you do not plan to eat your meals within a couple of days, put them in the freezer. Click here for detailed instructions.
  • How do you weight the meals?
    We weight the food when is raw. When you cook any food it either absorbs water or water evaporates. Also, the weight change will depend on the cooking method.
  • What kind of containers do you use?
    At Cheat Eatz, we take pride in using only the highest quality food containers to package our meals. We know that our customers value safety, convenience, and sustainability, which is why we choose containers that meet these standards. By using containers that are safe to use in the microwave, great for storing and reheating meals, free of harmful chemicals, and 100% recyclable, we can provide our customers with the best possible experience. Read more
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